Business Law/Corporate

Of the myriad issues that business owners deal with on a daily basis, legal issues can be the most frustrating. Especially when there are so many other pressing matters that occupy your time.

But they’re always there. Ready to rear their ugly heads at the worst times.

When a shipment gets delayed.

Or a key employee just turned in her notice.

But there is good news.

It’s possible to prepare for these issues before they happen so that you can lessen their impact, or eliminate them all together.

With a little planning now, you can avoid the headache later.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor, closely held business, independent worker or freelancer, I’m here to help you navigate the legal landscape and protect your interests.

Please feel free to explore the business law/corporate resources on this site. And if you have a specific question that isn’t addressed here, or you need specific legal advice, email or call. It will be my pleasure to help.

Business Law/Corporate​ Services

Outside General Counsel Services

For some businesses, its just not possible to have an internal legal department. Either due to the size of your business, or because it’s just not financially feasible.

Employment Issues

Whether its an key employee who suddenly quits, allegations of harassment or discrimination, overtime pay, or the myriad other employment law issues that can pop up unexpectedly, its best to be prepared before they strike.

Business Formation

Making sure that you have your governing documents in place, and that you are running your corporation (or limited liability company, partnership, etc.) according to Florida law is vitally important to preserve liability protection and the other advantages of conducting your business through a Florida business entity.