Health Care Documents

Medical care provider holding patient's hand

What happens if you’re in an accident, and can’t communicate? Or you’re in the hospital, and want a friend or relative to communicate with health care providers about your condition?

In these unexpected events, Designations of Health Care Surrogates and HIPAA Releases will provide you with the protection you need to ensure that your wishes are carried out, and that your loved ones can get the vital information they need about your medical care.

You can also execute a document called a Voluntary Advanced Directive for Receiving Oral Feedings and Fluids in the Event of Dementia. This will document your wishes in advance of a dementia diagnosis so that your care givers will follow your instructions related to fluids and feedings.

Finally, you should also execute a Declaration of Pre-Need Guardian. This document is used to state your wishes as to who should be appointed as your guardian if you are no longer able to take care of yourself.

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